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Asheron's Call - what was it?

A Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game created in 1999 that is loved by so many, not just for the memories of playing within the iconic world of Dereth, but for all the friendships made along the way.

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Humble Beginnings in 1999

On November 2nd, 1999 Asheron's Call was released by developer Turbine & publisher Microsoft. It was ahead of its time with the organic living, open world of Dereth. With no artificial boundries, you could run from one end of the world to the other without seeing a loading screen.

The Journey Through The Years

A new event happened most months, many playing out live with the developers controlling characters in a continually developing story arc. These live events were often huge in scale, some affecting the world for the future. Everyone who played during these times will remember the battle against Bael'Zharon.

Its Death After 17 Glorious Years

Warner Brothers took over the rights of Asheron's Call and on 20th December 2016, Turbine announced that Asheron's Call will be closing, including all servers and the official website & forums, on 31st January 2017. This brought many old players back into Dereth to say a final goodbye to the world they loved and enjoyed so much for so many years.

Why have we created this?

From the first moment of logging into Asheron's Call and seeing the expansive living world, the engaging lore and story but most of all, the amazing community where friends were made, spending time in Dereth was special.

Like most players, real life made finding time to play more and more difficult and many people moved on, but they never forgot the time they spent in this beautiful world. Many ventured back to relive the experience and when we heard the world would be lost forever, we wanted to make sure some of this magic would be preserved so others would never forget the amazing world of Asheron's Call.

People visiting this site who were not lucky enough to experience Dereth will have no idea what we're talking about, with the dated graphics and querky characters. However it's not something that can be explained.
If you've lived in Dereth, you'll understand...

Is there any future for Asheron's Call?

Some people will still travel the world of Dereth alone within emulators, but for now the world of Dereth is lost.
But there is always hope...


Currently there are no fully working emulators, and to be honest, there isn't likely to be one which will let you truely relive the world. There is a great emulator called 'PhatAC' which allows you to travel throughout Dereth, however there are no enemies or NPCs. This is however the closest you'll get to reliving AC ... at the moment.

New Asheron's Call IP

After Asheron's Call was purchased by Warner Brothers there seems little chance of ever seeing the franchise revived. Many people contacted WB and asked to buy the rights, but they showed no interest in selling or licensing the IP.

Asheron will live in our memories

There is no way to tell if Asheron's Call will ever come back. Worst case scenario is that it's now gone forever. That is the main reason behind this website, so people can remember what was the greatest MMO ever created.