About Asheron's Archive

Our tribute to the MMO that gave us the memories and friends that will last a lifetime


This bit still needs to be written.

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Why have we created this?

From the first moment of logging into Asheron's Call and seeing the expansive living world, the engaging lore and story but most of all, the amazing community where friends were made, spending time in Dereth was special.

Like most players, real life made finding time to play more and more difficult and many people moved on, but they never forgot the time they spent in this beautiful world. Many ventured back to relive the experience and when we heard the world would be lost forever, we wanted to make sure some of this magic would be preserved so others would never forget the amazing world of Asheron's Call.

People visiting this site who were not lucky enough to experience Dereth will have no idea what we're talking about, with the dated graphics and querky characters. However it's not something that can be explained.
If you've lived in Dereth, you'll understand...