Stories from the players

Asheron's Call had a huge impact on so many players. Here are a few stories from those lives that were touched by game

AC's impact on my life - mysticdrew

Asheron's Call as a game was great, it was fun. Always something to do, there was so much content that it seemed you never ran out of stuff to do. But, it was so much more than just a game.
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Like many others, to me it was more than a game - tshaddz

It's weird to be a 34 year old man now and read that sentence back that a game changed my life but given Asheron's Call's age I assume many loyal players are probably around my age or older and even feel the same.
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Farewell, Old Friend. - Viper_H

I remember getting the kill on Gaerlan and getting loads of whispers coming in after the global. I remember the first time I did the Aerfalle quest, way too late, but still fun. All the Tuskers and Olthoi I slaughtered to eventually level up.
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