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December 2012 Release Fiction

Mistress, we have located the Temple of Twilight.

Koshino Kei smiled and leaned back in her chair. Good, very good Have the people of Dereth begun clambering all over it yet?

No Mistress. There is one of the sand creatures there, as well as some miners, but they have not yet located the temples Guardian.

The spectral princesss smile deepened considerably at the news. Send for my most ambitious warlords. I have a task for them.

Yes, Mistress, replied the spectre, bowing and sinking into the floor.

Hoshino Kei gazed into her mirror, musing to herself, Soon, soon itll be time to claim all that is due to me. My court is nearly complete. She looked away from her reflection as it began to stir, a fitful struggling form beginning to take shape. Stay put, little princess. Your time is long past.

The spectral princess rose from her seat, and floated over to the more formal throne that she had had set in the room for audiences with her warlords. A short time later, one of her servants gestured through the wall, letting her know that the warlords had arrived.

Send them in, she announced in a formal tone.

Five spectral skeletons entered the room, forming into a kneeling line in front of her. You summoned us, Mistress? they intoned in formal unison.

The time has come to test the resolve of those seeking the temples of the Lost Sisters. Go to the encampment that is digging up the temple and destroy it. Once youve wiped them out, find the temple itself and destroy it.

As you wish, so it shall be, intoned the five in perfect unison. They then rose and turned toward the door.

One more thing, Hoshino Kei said, interrupting their departure, Prepare the forces, its time we started putting into action the next phase of my plan.

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